Performed at the Southwell Folk Festival and the World Event Young Artists International Theatre Festival, Horace is a mixed media comedy about love, life and everything in between.

  • epic awards

Audience Comments

‘Witty, thought-provoking and truly inclusive and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done…fantastic.’

‘Brilliant, loads of energy, a great mixture of funny visual humour and everyone supporting each other.’

‘First time I’ve seen anything like this and I found it quite uplifting, it made me smile just about all the way through, enjoyable, very enjoyable.’

‘I really enjoyed it. It was good fun doing the work and it was great to watch.’ Volunteer Technician

‘Loved the slow-motion egg and spoon race to chariots of fire and then the superman theme tune…fantastic mix of music!’

‘It was the best yet and the others have been good. Listening to the narration was amazing.’

‘I saw one of the flyers and thought it looked interesting. It was a great story, good choice of music and really well illustrated with the choreography with all the props going round.’

‘I wanted it to be longer…I could watch it all over again.’

‘I started a group here nearly forty years ago, just so that we would raise confidence and feel happy walking the streets, let alone creating a show and showing off so beautifully. It has been a marvellous evening. I have a great affinity with you all; it has been a marvellous journey for me.’ Parent of an adult with a learning disability


Performers’ Comments

‘It went really well, we’re really pleased…and I don’t think anything went wrong.’

‘Glad it’s over ‘cos I’m tired. Want to do another one though. I’ve gained confidence to do more shows. Can we do a horror one next?’

‘Major Ace Babe! Rock on.’


Some Tweets…

@Buzville Your website looks like you do amazing work, really sorry I missed Horace L

@MansfieldMuseum A big #ff to @unanimatheatre your performance last night was brilliant!

@IanMunch Has just seen the @unanimatheatre show Horace & it is GENIUS!…if you don’t mind! Completely fun & funny J

@newsteadjodie The show was brilliant! You did a great job!! Loved the chair swimming @unanimatheatre #horace

@Storymoves #horace #disabilityarts Loved the egg and spoon race and the upside down sheep cloud – keep it!

@TheDrummer3 went to see #horace this evening! Was gr8! Well done everyone involved

@Gareth_Stubbs Just been to see #Horace at minster school Southwell @unanimatheatre fantastic go for tomorrows performance 7pm